Sheep Shifter the game!

Sheep Shifter ©2015 by Larry Nocella

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Sheep Shifter is a fun puzzle strategy game for all ages with 40 fun levels! If you like Angry Birds, you’ll LOVE Sheep Shifter! Links to play the game through your PC or download it to your mobile device are here:
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Design Notes
In developing Sheep Shifter, I had a few goals besides the obvious of making a fun game.

First, I wanted to make a game with puzzles that could be solved in different ways. I love games that aren’t locked into one method, but as long as you solve the puzzle, you get the win.

Second, I wanted players to appreciate possessing a team with different talents. I’m a sucker for team stories and games, where each of the team members has a specific, distinct, unique talent that makes the team greater than its members. In video games this usually emerges as one strong and slow character, one weak but fast one, then a couple other characters with skills specific to the team environment (such as pilot, or magician, or mechanic, etc.)

Third, I wanted people to appreciate friends. No one gets by without the aid of others. And everyone has something to contribute. I wanted to show the value of friendship, of helping each other out, of having people apply properly for a common goal.

Maybe these goals were a little ambitious for a small game, but I like to think big. I hope you enjoy the results.

Feedback & Support
If you have any feedback, positive (thanks) or negative (please be constructive) I’d like to hear it. Of course, reporting any bugs you notice would be appreciated as well. Please email support(at)

Playing the Game
Sheep needs your help getting to the apple, but can’t do it alone. Use the elephant, hippo, lion, and wombat to assist. Each animal has a different power that you need to use to win. Levels often provide more than one solution, allowing for creative problem-solving. The fewer animals you drop into play the better your rating. Can you get three stars on each level! Sure you can! You’re a Sheep Shifter! The game has a built-in tutorial to show you how to play, or you can experiment on your own. Once a level is unlocked you can play it again, so have fun!

Privacy Policy
Neither the free nor premium app needs any of your private information. Neither Larry Nocella nor QECE Publishing want your private info. We just want you to have fun and hope you do! Thank you.