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America Out of Iraq NOW

I know some of the items below I’ve said before in my blog, but I feel the need to repeat them. Since lots of blogosphere browsing software tracks the hot topics of the day, I want to chime in as well. Right now, there's much discussion about what to do concerning the Iraq war. So add my tiny voice to the chorus: Bring the American troops home NOW.

I’ve never been convinced that a mistake left incomplete is worse than a mistake finished off. If America leaves, will Iraq plunge into chaos? What do you mean plunge? Seems like it’s already there. Anyway, sure, it will probably get worse, and for the people of Iraq, all I can say is I’m sorry you were born on top of the oil that the Bush-Cheney cartel will do anything for.

The holocaust-in-progress in Iraq is (and will forever be) the blood-soaked legacy of the Bush-Cheney criminal administration. I hope Iraqis (and Americans) forever remember them for what they are: greedy, murderous maniacs.

Now that the people have taken America back in a small way, let’s get our troops out. I’m not paying for the military’s salary so they can assist with Halliburton war-profiteering stock. I’m paying them to protect me on American soil. So get back here and help rebuild New Orleans before rebuilding Baghdad.

Why is the Bush-Cheney war cartel so against calling the Iraq Civil War an Iraq Civil War? I have no idea. Maybe because they realize they’re the ones who set it off. In 1994, someone asked a Clinton admin official, How many acts of genocide make a genocide? So I ask again: how many acts of civil war make a civil war?

What is the mission in Iraq anyway? I honestly couldn’t tell you. There are just too many questions about this war. Bring the troops home NOW.

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