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Where Did This Come From? the novel by award-winning author, Larry Nocella, is now available as an eBook for only ONE DOLLAR!

I am PSYCHED! I’ve just set up my novel as an eBook. This means you can read the thrilling, thought-provoking novel Where Did This Come From? right NOW. All you have to do is download the free eReader (MobiPocket Reader) to your PC or your pocket eBook reader PDA, such as a Palm Pilot, Pocket PC, SmartPhone, Blackberry, etc.

Then download my book, which is on sale NOW as an eBook for a limited time for only ONE DOLLAR! This deal won't last forever, so act NOW! (Ugh. I've never felt so infomercialish, but while I am, I should probably mention MobiPocket is a fully-owned subsidiary of Wow!)

I hear from fellow readers that the concept of an eBook is rather - how did they put it? - yucky. I tend to agree. I’m a paper guy myself. I love the feel of the paper, the smell of a new book, etc.

At the same time I can’t deny that after reading and enjoying most books, I’m challenged by how best to get rid of the damn thing. I usually donate it to the local library. It’s a rare book that I love so much I want to keep it.

So I think there’s a place in the world for what I’ll call ePaper to replace paper. Especially in respect to magazines. I avoid subscribing to magazines. What the hell do you do with it once you’re done with it? And why does everyone need their own copy? I’ve always found it odd for pro-environmental publications to publish on paper.

I’m not totally blaming them, we’re all caught in the gears of modernity. However, I’d like to see them be leaders more often: they should be at the forefront of creating a market for the most enviro-friendly paper and its alternatives, like ePaper.

Since you’re a smart, independent-thinking person, you’re saying, “But creating electronic devices causes all sorts of chemical damage versus creating paper. Is ePaper really better for the environment?” Great question.

I often encounter a similar dilemma when getting my daily tea. Environmentally speaking, which of the following is better: Using water to clean my mug? Or using a disposable cup?

It’s not as simple a question as it initially sounds: do I use precious drinkable, clean water, that’s gone through hell to be purified, just to clean my mug? Or do I use a disposable cup, and when I’m done, throw it out? Ultimately, I think mug wins. Anything “disposable” seems bad. At least the water goes back into the ecosystem. A crushed paper cup just adds to a landfill.

So, is ePaper really better? I tend to think so, if it’s applied to the many temporary uses for which paper is used now (newspapers are relevant for only one day, magazines for only one month, etc.) At least that’s what my gut tells me.

But hey, like in that superb novel, Where Did This Come From? by award-winning writer Larry Nocella, we never really know for sure what’s going on behind the scenes. But at least we’re asking the question. As long as we’re asking the questions, the answers will come up sooner or later.

Larry Nocella is the award-winning author of the novel Where Did This Come From? available at Amazon and Xlibris and other fine online book stores. Also, for a limited time, Where Did This Come From? is available as an eBook for only ONE DOLLAR. Visit Larry Nocella's website at

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