ROFL: Random Outbursts From Lar!


Today I will speak about the fact that I have nothing to say.

It’s spring! At least it is where I live. The cold is breaking, the sun is shining, the grass is growing and buds are showing! It’s time to get out and have fun! There’s something exciting about this weather that makes me forget all my troubles and commitments.

But wait a minute, there’s a blog to be written! You’ve got to keep your website content fresh! screams the endless spam from internet marketing companies. Nonsense, I say! Well, it is true, but freshening up my site’s content can wait. When the weather is nice, I’m going out. If the news is slow and nothing is burning my ass or igniting my passion, I’m taking the day off.

I’ve always taken my time when writing. It’s a habit in open defiance of the Opinion Industry. Maybe a better term for it is the Outrage Industry. Whatever label you choose, I’m referring to media characters who are in (or rather, ACT like they’re in) a perpetual state of rage at all they see wrong. They project a persona one split second away from a shooting spree. There are two possibilities: either the person is genuinely always that angry and therefore needs serious psych help, or they are acting angry in order to exploit the more fearful natures of a customer base, in which case they’re an asshole.

Speaking of, it should therefore be no surprise that Rush Limbaugh does illegal drugs. There’s no other way for a human being (assumption, I know) to sustain such anger (mock or genuine) over such minutia for such a long period of time. Sure, there’s money to be made, and people long for community even if that community’s unifying principles are anger and hate, but that beast needs constant feeding.

As for me, sometimes I just don’t feel like talking. Everyone knows what the core issues are. A sampling: Religion is still being used as a power tool and not as a way to peace. Wars are still being fought by the poor and the rich who aren’t fighting them (but started them) are making money off the poor’s deaths. War is a business and business seeks to expand and perpetuate. I have spoken against those things and I will again.

However, today the sun is shining and the weather is mild so repeating those crucial points can wait. For now, I’m going out to relax. When it comes to writing, if I can’t be sincere, I’m silent. If my heart doesn’t threaten to explode unless it can express itself, I can’t be bothered. Business-wise, maybe it’s a flaw, but as an artist, I find it’s a blessing. No artistic action is wasted on insincerity.

With that, I’ll see you in the sun! I’m out!

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