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There Will Always Be Dragons In the Ocean (Or, Where God Came From)

In ancient times, a map's unknown spaces were filled with drawings of dragons. In modern times, maps appear rather complete and the dragons are all gone.

While a complete map might seem like an improvement over an incomplete one, there's been legitimate concern that as we humans learn more about the world, we tend to question less. There are fewer mysteries to inspire a sense of wonder, fewer dragons in the ocean on the map of our imaginations.

I'm hopeful that wonder will continue. I'm a believer in the observation that the more answers we learn, the more questions we open up. Despite all the knowledge, education and information we have access to, we've created new unknowns. My novel, Where Did This Come From? speculates on the mystery of our everyday possessions.

Look at all the seemingly mundane items around you at this very instant. Where did these items originate? How were they made? What resources were used? What methods were used? What people made them? What effect was on the people living near where they were made? Were the working conditions horrible? Did the economic boom help a community, or only a few elites? What are their stories?

On and on and on the questions go. Devising fiction from there is easy, just answer those questions in the most unusual and entertaining way. Everything has a history and we know so little of it. For all our education, our access to knowledge, the previous questions can never be fully and completely answered. Where Did This Come From? is a novel based on those unknowns, but the title-question's speculation could be a separate sub-genre.

The more we know, the more we know we don't know. It's like chasing the true shape of a fractal. Your eyes focus on the rough edges and you think you know it all, but in the process of focusing, more detail becomes visible and you realize you don't know as much as you thought you did. So you zoom in. The rough edges have rough edges, and you zoom in again. The rough edges to the rough edges have rough edges. And so on.

You could go on forever, or you could accept a certain loss of detail. You could say "Good enough," and call it a day. Or you could just make something up. What's beyond the ocean? Dragons. What's beyond the stars? Aliens. Where did this come from? Read the book for one possible answer.

Using imagination to fill in the gaps left by our ignorance is one of our instincts. Where do you think God came from?

Larry Nocella is the award-winning author of the novel Where Did This Come From? available at Amazon and Xlibris and other fine online book stores. Where Did This Come From? is also available as an eBook. For more info, visit Larry Nocella's website at

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