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Greenspan Bitch-Slapped by the Invisible Hand

Mass media can be awfully frustrating.

Too often a deranged idiot bent only on getting attention and making money (say, Bill O'Reilly) is given a platform (say, Faux News) and no matter how unpopular he really is, he retains that platform because he speaks the secret whacko thoughts of his ultra-wealthy sponsor (say, Rupert Murdoch.) This gives the impression that hordes of people really listen to this asshole (Bill again) when they don't.

That's why it's a delight that every once in a while, someone with an equally large platform in the mass media counters the stupid notions the noise machine is trying to convey.

This happened recently when the mighty Alan Greenspan, recently retired head economic dude of the USA (not his actual title) stated in his upcoming book that "the Iraq war is largely about oil."(1)

Sure, it's obvious to anyone with a shred of honesty, and even the dishonest who won't admit it, but what gets said publicly usually amounts to who has the platform, and that's why the Iraq war architects can keep the atrocity going: they have the office, they have the media, so little we say can stop them.

But when I learned Greenspan had spoken the obvious truth about the Iraq War, I thought, "This is great! If a Republican, one as revered by the money-lusting classes as ALAN FUCKIN' GREENSPAN says it maybe the message will be taken seriously."

I'm so naïve sometimes. Those who speak their minds but accidentally step on a landmine of the status quo are quick to backpedal. Raise your hand if you remember when Oprah said she didn't want a hamburger after learning the truths about factory farming. The beef Nazis went ape-shit and sued. Instead of the god-like Oprah saying, "Screw off! I'm entitled to my opinion," she caved in and let the beef industry P.R. goof back on her show, uncontested. (2)

The status quo took down Greenspan, too.

Barely a day after speaking what any honest person knows: that the Iraq war is largely about oil, Greenspan fulfilled his own prophecy that it's politically inconvenient to call the Iraq War what it is: an oil grab (1, 3). What a waste of time. So much for Alan's run as a fearless truth-telling pundit. Don't quit your day-job, Alan! Whoops!

What kind of deluded jackass would dare, with a straight face, suggest that the Iraq War is NOT about oil? For your answer, look to US Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Go ahead Robert. Prove to the folks at home that you're a deluded jackass. What do you think about Greenspan's comment that the Iraq war is largely about oil? "I just don't believe it's true," said Gates. (1)

Or, let's look to Senator John Cornyn (R) who said "This [the Iraq War] is about our national security and not just about oil." (1) So, let me paraphrase. Greenspan: The Iraq war was largely about oil. Cornyn: It wasn't all about oil.

What a difference "all" makes! Does it really matter? No matter what is said, the Iraq war is largely about oil. Even if Greenspan backpedals, even if the status quo defenders drown him out, it's the truth, and it's plain to see for anyone who is honest. If only more people with large platforms were saying it and STICKING TO IT.


1. Greenspan memoir links Iraq war to US thirst for oil by Antoine Agasse, AFP, Sun Sep 16, 9:21 PM ET

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