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Novel Where Did This Come From? and author Larry Nocella featured in newsletter!

What a great way to end the year on a positive note!

Where Did This Come From? by Larry Nocella was recently featured in the e-newsletter of MyClimateMinute issue 15, released on December 15, 2007 noted that Where Did This Come From? is the WORLD'S FIRST CarbonFree™ novel. Numero Uno, baby, never to be defeated! You can't handle it!

Ahem! Anyway, I just wanted to mention it and send out some major ups and thanks to my pals: Lindsey, William, Steve and Erika!

The text of the article is below, or you can see it on Carbonfund's site.


An Interview With Author And Offsetter Larry Nocella

Did you ever consider the greenhouse gas costs of publishing a novel? Author Larry Nocella did. His new book Where Did This Come From? is the world’s first CarbonFree™ novel.

Read on for our complete interview with award-winning author Larry Nocella about his novel Where Did This Come From? and his decision to offset with

Larry Nocella is’s first author to offset the emissions from a book publication, placing him on the cutting edge of writers and artists who seek ways to reduce their greenhouse gas output.

Based in the fictional South American nation of Palagua, Where Did This Come From? follows the Huapi tribe’s desperate struggle for survival. When a leading U.S. toy manufacturer discovers a rare and beautiful crystal on the Huapi’s sacred land, mining operations begin immediately. Christmas shopping season is coming, and Crystal Clay is by far the top seller. Soon the Huapi find themselves and the jungle that supports them on the brink of annihilation. Can they hope to resist the desire of consumers who never bother to ask, Where Did This Come From? recently chatted with Larry Nocella about the novel and his decision to offset the carbon emissions associated with publishing it. Where did the inspiration for this novel come from?
Larry Nocella: It all began as I learned about what happens to animals as they are changed from living beings into what we call food. After watching a few documentaries on factory-farming, my stomach (and my conscience) turned and I decided to pursue being a vegetarian.

That journey led me to question more than just food. I wondered about the origin of all things we purchase and the unknown impact we cause. Whether it’s food, sneakers, diamonds, oil, or chocolate, everything we consume has a mysterious and, sadly, often tragic story behind it. Demand drives the world.

At first encounter, that realization can make you feel powerless, but then you realize your decisions matter, and therefore you can make a positive difference, so with the right attitude, coming through that ignorance, striving against it, is empowering.

CF: When did you get the idea to offset the carbon generated by publishing the book?
LN: They were born together. The title of the novel, Where Did This Come From?, paired with the physical book itself, is a summary of the unanswerable question that forms the core of the plot.

I also prefer to lead by example. It didn’t make sense for me to raise all these questions and not even try to make a difference. I don’t believe that’s helpful. A lot of writing raises questions, but the writer doesn’t take a shot at a solution. I like to lead the charge toward brainstorming a solution.

CF: How did come to be your choice for a carbon offsetter?
LN: In short, simplicity. I looked at a few different carbon offsetters, and they wanted me to do a large amount of research. My thought was: but that’s what you’re for; I’m busy writing. made it simple: I got quick answers on what I had to do to become CarbonFree. It also adds one more aspect of the book to think about and discuss.

Larry Nocella is the award-winning author of the novel Where Did This Come From? available at Amazon and Xlibris and other fine online book stores. Where Did This Come From? is also available as an eBook. For more info, visit Larry Nocella's website at

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