ROFL: Random Outbursts From Lar!


An Intimate Q&A with Bill O’Reilly

I always seem to be several years behind the times. I've finally, FINALLY, gotten Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0, a video editing program, so I can start making kick-ass videos. I intend to do a few of myself regarding my novel, Where Did This Come From? Until then, I'll just have to remix the Bill O'Reilly spaz-out video that's burning up the internets these days.

If you can't see the embedded file below, just follow this link to YouTube. Enjoy!

Larry Nocella is the award-winning author of the novel Where Did This Come From? available at Amazon and Xlibris and other fine online book stores. Where Did This Come From? is also available as an eBook. For more info, visit Larry Nocella's website at

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