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Humanity Vs. Monsters

As you can see from the fact that both this and last time's blog entries are videos spanking John "The McCandidate" McCain for joking about war, his Okay-with-War stance really burns my ass.

Like the MoveOn ad says, "You can't have [my son]." I totally agree. I'm without children and always will be, but that won't stop me from strongly discouraging any one I know from joining the U.S. military, should they ever entertain the idea.

No one I love is going to feed McCain's loony vision of war without end. You can't have them. You can't use them as the security force for private oil business. You can't use them as the living shields of oil rigs. As Dick Cheney would say, "Fuck yourself."

So, as always when more than ten seconds pass without me having some kind of angst, I get self-conscious. Am I being uptight or something? John McInsane did say he was joking. I am taking the joke too seriously?

Fuck that line of thinking. This is WAR we're talking about. Hell on earth. The absolute worst creation of mankind on a grand scale. People killed, maimed for life, physically, mentally, emotionally. Why should I even entertain the idea that I'm uptight for refusing to laugh at a "joke" about it.

It's well-past time to severely condemn asshole pundits or politicians who "joke" about war, who casually threaten other countries with it, who call for the assassination of leaders, etc. as if these are all things that can be ordered up with minimal effort and no damage, like ordering a pizza.

So push pause on my regularly scheduled angst. I'm glad I'm uptight about war. If I wasn't I'd be an asshole just like McCain or Bush. Whether it's McCain singing "Bomb Iran" or Bush joking about being unable to find the WMD that people who wanted to serve America died looking for, it's time for humanity to stand up to these monsters.

Yes, monsters. If you joke about people in agony, people killed, entire lives, families, nations ruined destroyed, washed in blood and body parts, then you are a monster and my disgust is the very least of the punishment you deserve.

Below is the video equivalent of this blog entry. If you can't see the embedded file, go to this link.

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