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Obama’s Berlin Speech: Obama Gets an F in Global Douche-Baggery. Fox News reports, "Much like Hitler, Obama riles huge crowd of Germans."

The mainstream media is reporting that Obama went to Berlin and made an inspiring speech. They're focusing on what happened, but that's only half the picture.

They're not telling the full story. The half they are missing is what Obama do NOT do.

A brief list of some specifics:
1. He didn't laugh about bombing another country. (McCain did)
2. He didn't joke about killing the civilians in another country. (Whacky Mac again)
3. He didn't try to massage another world leader as if they were horny college kids. (Bush did)
4. He didn't mangle the English language. (Bush)
5. Lost a city (Bush-Katrina-New Orleans) Etc.

In short, what happened was Obama gave a rousing speech. What DID NOT happen was he didn't act like McBush and embarrass America or us Americans on a global stage. In fact, he actually made us sound pretty cool, which is a refreshing change from our current president, who seems intent on making the world hate us. I guess he's really jonesing for yet another "new Pearl Harbor" that will result in dead Americans but help his buddy John "Whacky Mac" McCain.

I hope this keeps up! How great would it be for Europeans to say, " Yor presdent ya kool" instead of "Vy ist yor presdent so eedyot?"

UPDATE: This blog was originally posted on Friday July 25, 2008. The title makes a joke about Fox comparing Obama speaking in front of Germans to Hitler. Last night (Monday July 28, 2008) Fox news pundit Charles Krauthammer did exactly that. How sad that a JOKE ends up being on Fox for real. Oh Fox, you're so asinine and so predictable. Since we're on the topic of people calling each other nasty German stereotypes, I won't make a big deal of the fact that your name is "Kraut-hammer."

MORE UPDATING: Unfortunately, Ben Stein, washed-up gameshow host, also made the Nazi connection on CNN two days prior (Wednesday July 23, 2008.) Sometimes I can't believe how many people make money just commenting on who they think is going to win the election. Does anyone care what they think? Does their opinion on who is going to win the horse race mean anything? Affect anything?

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