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I’ve Got A Cool Idea, Let’s Move AWAY From War! (Or, My Qualifications As an Ass Surgeon)

As we get closer to the U.S. Presidential election I really feel we're fighting for the future of humanity. Okay, maybe it's not that important, as important as it is, but John "Whacky Mac" McCain really frightens me. In the grand scheme of human history, I'd like to do what little I can to push my fellow primates AWAY from war, but we seem to be moving in the opposite direction, where out-of-touch bloodthirsty lunatics (commonly called Neo-Cons) call for war with the same casual attitude as one might order pizza delivery.

Whacky Mac and his fellow war trolls aren't calling for less war, or even the same amount. They want to increase it. McCain is threatening Iran, threatening Russia, etc. so I definitely won't be voting Republican this year (not that I do any year truthfully, although my local guy is actually not so bad, then again, he doesn't have access to nukes.)

It's funny to me that McCain was a P.O.W. decades ago and he claims this makes him competent to conduct war. I was mugged about 20 years ago, would any one do anything except laugh if I insisted that qualified me for a job as police chief of a major city? I once had a cyst removed from my butt; imagine if I strolled into the local hospital and demanded to be made the Chief Ass Surgeon based on that alone. Yeah, I'd sound as ridiculous as Whacky Mac.

McCain claimed, "I know how to win wars." Assuming war has a victor, what war has he actually won? The two he was heavily involved in (Vietnam and Iraq) are counted as losses.

Then every time Whacky Mac says something stupid (bombing Iran, offering 5 million dollars as the barrier between middle class and rich) the repeated defense of his followers is "Oh, he's just joking." Well, when the hell does he get serious about things like war and people's financial survival? Whacky Mac, how do I pay my mortgage? "Sit down, son, and let me tell you about the time I was a P.O.W." No, gramps! Enough! We've all heard it a thousand times. Move toward PEACE. Evolve. Please!

I know Obama and Biden are politicians. I know they will do things that upset me, that I disagree with, things that are slimy, but at least, at the very least, they seem to be capable of considering the weight of their decisions, the impact of what they say, and the fact that war isn't something to stroll into and stay in with a ho-hum (and laughing!) attitude.

I'm sick of war being this thing we live with, something described as a last option, but always used first. I want to get back to working for solutions other than war. I want humanity to move away from war, not towards it. Let's move towards peace.

That’s why I can't deal with Whacky Mac (and the goon squad that owns him) and why I will vote for Obama.

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