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Empowerment beats Guilt! Five Steps From You to War is a Finalist in the YouTube Come Clean 4 Congo contest!

Awesome! My video Five Steps from You to War is one of three finalists in the YouTube Come Clean 4 Congo contest. The prize is a trip to L.A. for a red carpet event featuring the videos during the Hollywood Film Festival. Go to this link ( click VOTE and give my video (the black & white one) a thumbs up. For extra credit, give the other two finalists a thumbs-down!

Click to vote in the contest!

Obviously, I'm excited about playing a part in bringing awareness to this issue. Regular readers of this blog (I love all three of you!) will note that this subject is very similar to the plot of my novel, Where Did This Come From?

On top of the importance of the issue, I'm also juiced about potential networking opportunities making the finals (and a victory!) may provide for my writing.

The three judges are Hollywood people not to be sneezed at: Ryan Gosling (Nominated for Academy Award for Half Nelson and also co-starred with Anthony Hopkins aka Hannibal Lecter in Fracture.) Then there is Sonya Walger (Penny Widmore from Lost, yo!) and Wim Wenders, who I am not too familiar with but he's directed at least a bazillion movies. Those three liked my video, and I'm honored just from that, but I'd like to tell them in person. That's where you come in.

So please go to the YouTube contest page (here's the link again: click the VOTE button and give my video a green thumbs-up. Learn a bit about your cell phone's history and do me a favor I'll forever owe you one for! Please tell your friends. And tell your friends' friends. Tell your enemies, family and complete strangers! Mobilize your social networks! Thank you for your help. P.S. You are awesome!

Here's my director's statement about the video:

1. I wanted something using modern cell phone communication methods (text message shorthand and icons.)

2. I wanted something that showed five easy steps, so you can see the close connection between you and the war.

3. I wanted to stick with five so you can memorize them just by counting the fingers on your hand, which also conveniently holds your phone.

4. I was pleased that the explanation of the problem is described three times in three different ways in under 60 seconds.

5. The call to action: It's of utmost importance when advocating any kind of consumer activism to not simply end with guilt. In the industrialized world, we are all consumers and have no choice about it. You should first bring attention to the problem, that will activate people's concern, and then say, if you're angry about this, here's what you can do. Empowerment is more effective than guilt.

Come Clean 4 Congo! Text "congopledge" to ACTION (228466) to find out more.

Thanks for your support. I'll give your regards to Hollywood!

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