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Zombies versus Gladiators! (The screenplay!)

I've been absent from for a while because I've been working on other projects much larger than my average blog post. I know you hordes of regular readers (chuckle!) are upset by this, but never fear. You can view the latest large project now!

It's the screenplay for the movie Zombies versus Gladiators! (Click download button on right side to download the script.) Amazon has decided to test the waters of mixing the social nature of the internet with the process of making movies. Look up Amazon Studios in your favorite search engine. I tried my hand at one of their many contests: to rewrite another writer's script of Zombies versus Gladiators. You can read my effort, the full script for a feature film, here, for free. If you have an Amazon account, you can even leave a very positive, 5-star review. Negative reviews not permitted, sorry.

Below is my video where I did a writer’s pitch: a discussion where I talk about how I addressed Amazon Studio’s concerns with the original script. If you notice my crazy eyes, yes, I'm reading. Memorizing all that stuff is hard. Props to actors everywhere! (Hey, that was a pointless pun.)

Here's the link for the script again. Hopefully I'll have time to discuss the project more later, but right now I’m off the next large project! Thanks for reading!


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