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Prometheus Movie Secrets: Revealed!

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…and by “revealed” I mean “wildly guessed at.”

[SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t seen the movie Prometheus – you may not want to read further.]

My theory (and I’m not totally sold on it, but no one else is discussing this angle) about the big picture behind Prometheus is that the Engineers are working for the xenomorphs. The Engineers know this and they fulfill their duty with reverence. That’s why the xenomorph was on the wall of the ship in a crucified-like pose, just as (some) humans worship Christ in same pose.

So what is the Engineers’ duty? To seed planets with humans for the purpose of making xenomorphs, because xenomorphs can’t reproduce themselves. This is something I’ve wondered since Alien 1 back when I first saw it in the 1980s. What must the xenomorph planet look like? Are there humans walking around? Do the xenomorphs keep humans (or other animals) in cages so they (xenomorphs) can reproduce? In all the Alien films, never once has a xenomorph reproduced by itself.

A human is just a xenomorph’s way of making more xenomorphs.

I would especially love it if this theory is true because it is so humbling, and I find Weyland to be an arrogant self-important jerk, quoting another arrogant self-important jerk, Neitzsche. As a philosopher myself, I find few people more annoying than Neitzsche. That dude took life too seriously, and as a result missed the point of existence: to enjoy it. He made life sound like one big chore. Man and Superman? Come on, Friedrich, fire up a doob and RELAX. As for me, I find that Jerry Casale of Devo was closer to the truth than Neitzsche when he said: No one is important and everything is a farce. But that is a tangent for another day.

A couple other comments:

  1. I’m not sold on the idea that the cave drawings were an invitation. They may have been a warning.
  2. What is the goo? I suspect its simply an amplifier. It amplifies your desire and your DNA ends up being the raw material. It’s also handy like Lost’s smoke monster for mixing things up when necessary.

The “Prometheus” of legend gave a gift to others and paid with eternal torture. I think the parallel is obviously David. He is immortal and will suffer eternal torment because he can’t be human. But he can give humans the gift they want once he and Noomi get done jetting around the universe: knowledge of where we came from.

Chances are, I’m way off base. I have a natural talent for seeing things differently (also known as “missing the point”) it’s one of those gift-curses. Usually I’m off, but sometimes betting on Longshot Lar pays big.

For now, I tip my propeller hat to Damon Lindelof and Ridley Scott. Though some of the plot was contrived to make the setup (as discussed elsewhere – scientists removing safety helmets and touching potentially hazardous chemicals?!) and though I’m not crazy about a movie that ends with “to be continued…” (I mean, we have to wait years – it’s not like a TV show where you wait a week or a few months) I still enjoyed it.

I love films that are more than just things to watch and pass the time. Prometheus created some great questions, but what really can elevate the story is if they can provide the answers and make them satisfying. That’s the hardest part. Sometimes the questions are so awesome I suspect it can’t be done. And I do hope Lindelof has learned from Lost that it’s not satisfying at all to end with a tearful get-together and a blinding white light.

I saw what happened to people who gave their heart and soul to examining the details of Lost, only to be treated to that crappy blinding white light ending, and that’s why, after posting this, I’m going to have to stop obsessing about Prometheus and what it all means. I just don’t want my heart broken.

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