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Book Review: Oh Myyy! There Goes The Internet

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I’ve never been a big Star Trek fan. Star Wars was always my sci-fi preference, so I never knew too much about who George Takei was until recently, since it’s hard to visit any online media without stumbling across someone sharing one of the funny graphics or gently profound quotes. There’s no denying that George Takei is an omnipresent internet force.

That’s a fact he himself admits is surprising in this book, since the internet often seems to embody the douche-iest aspects of things new and young. If you don’t take time to appreciate the web’s power, you might think it’s all a waste, just a fad, or only encourages bad behavior. Takei proves that done right, social media can be an enjoyable experience.

This book is part autobiography (the details of the Takei family’s internment during WW2 are heart-breaking, as are his struggles as a gay man.) More than that, as other reviewers have said, this is a key guide for anyone who wants to be successful using the internet.

I’ve read a lot of stuff about SEO and SEM and blah blah blah OMG marketing advice that is so boring and gimmicky that I never want to go on the web again. George Takei keeps it simple. Success on the internet boils down to sincerity. Do you really want to communicate or sell something? Do you want to exchange a laugh for a follow or do you just want to make demands? Do you really want people’s opinions or are you asking just to create an illusion of engagement?

The principles of success in society are identical. Share, but not too much and not too often. If something is great, pass it along. Have confidence, have a sense of humor, and don’t take it all too seriously. Lastly, if you screw up, apologize and move on. There’s also plenty of advice for dealing with trolls as well, again most of which parallels advice in face-to-face society: ignore and avoid.

Want to get more from the internet? Read this.

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