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Movie Review: Mad As Hell

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Like any good biography, Mad As Hell doesn’t always paint its subject in a positive light. Just like the show itself, this film keeps it real and on a personal level. The movie is inspiring, especially when you see that the growth of the Young Turks online show was anything but a straight line. The only constant was Cenk Uygur’s drive to succeed.

My one critique with this film is that I wanted to know more. I wanted to learn about all the hosts I’ve grown to enjoy hearing from, and the risks they took to make The Young Turks a success. I’m also curious too at a deeper explanation of just how revolutionary their approach is. It’s certainly a better model than old television news, where you sit obediently and listen to a white haired man read you stories without analysis.

The Young Turks show is part of my morning routine, like a morning newspaper of old. As I settle in at work, I listen to their YouTube videos from the day before. Unlike major network news, TYT doesn’t analyze news from a place of deference to authority, their ethos is instead using critical, compassionate thinking.

I’m so glad TYT exists, presenting an intelligent, strong and compassionate progressive perspective. I could never talk for that long and intelligently about so much important stuff.

The news should be challenging, interesting, educational, and at times be fun. Thanks to the Young Turks it is. See Mad As Hell is the inspirational back story, but that’s just the beginning. Watch their show.


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