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Frustrated Movie Director Writing Style

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As I write this, it’s only a matter of days before I start making a big deal (i.e. promoting) my next novel, Loser’s Memorial. I don’t know about you, but when I read a work I enjoy, I like to learn a few facts about the person(s) responsible. So there’s a few presumptions here, one, that you are curious about the deviant psyche behind Loser’s Memorial, two, that you enjoyed the novel and want to hear me talk about it. Is that three presumptions? Whoops, looks like we’re getting ready to start! Shhhh…!

About the Frustrated Movie Director Writing Style: I’ve always thought of myself as a frustrated movie director who found his success in writing. I enjoy films but found the process too slow and the medium a bit limiting. Besides, I’ve always believed a word is worth a thousand pictures. Say “parent” to a crowd of people and inside their heads there will be as many images as there are individuals. Plus, writing is so much easier. If I want a fleet of ships in the sea, a few sentences and there they are. No futzing with models, CGI, or anything. That said, each medium has its benefits and drawbacks, and I enjoy them all, but as far as what I want to do as an artist and what fits my impatient, loner personality, prose is my home.

When I write, I usually do so imaging how things would look in a movie. Especially when it comes to action. Movies do action scenes better than any medium. Of course, prose brings to life the inside of people’s minds. Movies try this with voice-overs, but nothing beats having the inside of someone’s head patched directly into your head as you read.

Book Dedications and Why I Don’t Do Them

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Keen observers (and readers of impeccable taste) may notice there are no dedication pages in my books, or on any of my works. This is because I’ve always felt the person I’ve written the book for is reading the book. When I read a book and the first page says, “This is for my favorite person in the whole wide world, Herkle P. Lipschitz,” my instinct is to go find Herkle and let him know that somehow I have come into possession of a book that is actually his.

So you’ll never see me dedicating a book to someone other than the person who is reading it. This one’s for you, awesome reader person, they all are, and always will be.

Side note: I have to say that the prize for absolute worst book dedication ever goes to Karen Traviss for her dedication in the book Aspho Fields. The book is based in the mythology of the video game Gears of War (an awesome game trilogy!) The dedication reads, “For the 2nd Battalion the Mercian Regiment, and all British service personnel in Afghanistan. Because real heroes in the real world are the ones we should be reading about.”

Now I’ve already stated I’m not a fan of dedications and I never do them, but I’ve never actually been insulted by the dedication and scolded by the author for reading her own work, before said work has even begun. I don’t know anything else about Ms. Traviss’ writing, maybe it’s good. I didn’t enjoy Aspho Fields, though. Partly because I was racked with guilt for reading it for some reason. My point here isn’t to insult her, just to point out a dedication was exceptionally heinous, but hey we all make mistakes.