The Katrina Contract

TKC cover unflat v5 FINALKept secret from the American public, after the inept response of public emergency agencies to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, military contractor companies began quietly offering private emergency services.

At a price only the wealthy can afford, these contracts function as a world-wide 9-1-1, offering personal rapid-response extraction from anywhere at any time in any situation. The Sunset Mist luxury liner has been overrun by terrorists off the coast of Florida. On board is billionaire Danforth Percy Sinclair, who makes one last desperate phone call before his capture to activate his Katrina contract.

On shore, at Redfire Advanced Security Solutions corporate headquarters, Rod North and a small team of ex-Special Forces operatives are dispatched to rescue Mr. Sinclair. Also converging on the scene are a federal negotiator and Navy support vessel. Unknown to them all, there are secrets and deceptions already taking place on The Sunset Mist.

Rod North and his team don’t know it, but they are charging headlong into a situation far more dangerous and complex than they could possibly imagine. They’ll be lucky to extract Sinclair, luckier still to escape alive!

The 99% call 9-1-1. The 1% use a Katrina Contract. Get the novel The Katrina Contract today!

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Loser’s Memorial

LM final cover kindle cropped jpgLoser’s Memorial takes you on a dark journey through the surreal and sinister world where war and profit mix. Written with a masterful blend of brutality, humanity and demented humor, the madness of this gruesome thrill ride stays with you right up to the finish!

Told from alternating perspectives between a Moroccan boy falsely accused of being a terrorist, and a down-on-his luck American who ends up in jail, Loser’s Memorial follows both as they descend into the surreal and self-perpetuating world of war for profit.

World War I spawned the literary masterpiece Johnny Got His Gun. World War II led to Catch-22. The Cold War to Dr. Strangelove. The Vietnam War brought us Apocalypse Now.

With each tragic war comes great art not only critical of the conflict, but providing fresh insights on human nature. Loser’s Memorial continues this great legacy, by using as its backdrop the ongoing War On Terror, CIA black sites and the many secret wars driven by profit alone. In short, Loser’s Memorial updates the anti-war work for the current generation.

Prepare to brave the banality of evil and remember, sometimes the only way to escape a twisted situation is to become more twisted. Get the novel today!

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Where Did This Come From?

An unscheduled tourist stop on the tropical island of Palagua ignites a cascade of events that threatens to exterminate the entire native Huapi tribe.

“Where Did This Come From?” is a story that could be behind today’s headlines. It starts innocently enough, with a mesmerizingly beautiful jewel given to American Joe Vera by the Huapi chief.

When an American toy company discovers the mineral and dubs it Crystal Clay, the downward spiral that imperils Vera’s sanity and the very existence of the remote tribe that trusted him begins.


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It Never Goes Away

INGA cover front image
Author Larry Nocella terrifies readers with a suspenseful struggle for survival in the short story, “It Never Goes Away.”

The lone survivor of a mysterious catastrophe awakes to find himself buried alive in the ruins of his home.

Every attempt to escape only buries him deeper. Facing starvation, thirst, and a lack of air, his odds of survival diminish with each passing second.

As he pieces together the true nature of the disaster, it seems beyond imagining. Will he live long enough to find out the truth?

Includes an essay by the author about the story’s real-life inspiration.


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About Me

Hi. I’m Larry Nocella. My alter-ego is as “The Beanie Copter Philosopher.” When inhabiting that persona, I write non-fiction. Why would I do such a thing? Well, it’s so I don’t take myself too seriously. A bit strange, yes, but mostly harmless and lovable.

As for fiction, I write because it is the fastest and purest way I can reach you, the all-important reader. The self publishing and eBook model is a dream come true because it killed two aspects of writing I hated the most: gatekeepers (in the form of agents) and a slow pace (in the form of an antiquated publishing system.) Being able to publish quickly and freely is in keeping with my aggressive, no-nonsense, pedal-to-the-metal, hard-rock writing style. I don’t care for the old baroque style that makes up the novels you and I were forced to read in high school. Some were decent stories but almost all were hard to get through due to their over-rating from those with a love for overly precious language. I’m referring to so-called classics, many of which are not that great, frankly.

The old novel styles of the previous centuries just don’t work in our modern world. To cling to that past in a way might even endanger reading. Sure, not all modernity is progress, but when it comes to writing, there’s no need to be verbose and dull. My goal is to get you to the good stuff, and get you there fast. To hold your attention by exploring the strange, the surprising and the mysterious of our world (and other worlds.) I sometimes say I’m a frustrated movie director, because my goal is to write, but keep your attention with the pacing and intensity of the best blockbusters.

I know your time is valuable, so my top priority is making sure that if you spend time to read my work, you’ll consider it time well spent. Thank you for reading!

My occasionally updated blog here. My Twitter feed here.