Tiny, Armed Group Marches Against Elite Rule While Threatening Majority-Elected Legislature

A tiny, armed group made several threats toward – and demands of – the majority-elected government.
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In Richmond, Virginia today, under a dozen heavily armed individuals, representing less than 0.001% of the population of the state, marched on the capitol building. The group delivered a list of demands to the majority-elected representatives inside.

“We’re here to let them know, we’ve got a solution for tyranny,” said Jared Kelvin, as he patted the barrel of his AR-15. “Any time a small clique thinks they know better than the people, we’re ready.”

Kelvin said he was the leader of a militia known as ‘Virginia Area Gunners.’ When asked how many Virginians he represented, he replied, “Four if you count my online girlfriend.”

The list of demands included several extreme pro-gun-rights measures that polls consistently show are hugely unpopular with citizens in the state. Among the most notable were “mandatory open-carry of firearms for all adult males,” and “arming all teachers and high-performing students in every school,” and “installing armed checkpoints at the entrances to all public parks and malls.”

“If it wasn’t for us,” Kelvin said, “we’d living in a police state, and being told what to do by a small group that thinks they’re better than the will of the people.”

While Kelvin spoke, the other demonstrators, in full online-purchased combat gear and arms, marched around in a tiny circle at the base of the capitol steps.

Despite the heated rhetoric and implicit threat of openly-carried high-power weaponry, no one was injured. Police reported a tense moment when the demonstration was overrun by a crowd of high school students disembarking from a tour bus, but the groups quickly separated.

As he left the list of demands on the state capitol steps, Kelvin continued shouting at the small, heavily-armed group.

What he said was drowned out by the schoolchildren clowning around.