Local Voter Swayed by Dizzying Array of Lawn Signs

Tons of lawn signs are proof of a working democracy.
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Local voter Sarah Giles reported that her decision on who to vote for was decided by the incredible amount of lawn signs she saw on the way to the voting booth.

“Come election day morning,” she said, “I was still undecided on who to elect for Township Supervisor. Should I go for Hinkelstein or Bloomquist? Hinkelstein? Bloomquist? I didn’t know.”

“But life goes on, right? I have to vote then go to work. So, I start driving to the polling place. I see a sign here for Bloomquist, a sign there for Hinkelstein. I’m still at a loss.”

“Then it happened. I’m less than a few blocks from the polling place when suddenly I see a yard that has twenty lawn signs. All for Hinkelstein. That’s when I knew. I was certain. Hinkelstein all the way.”

Through the mundane medium of lawn signs, Giles saw mystical forces at work.

“The universe was telling me something. There were twenty of those lawn signs. Twenty! I pulled my car over and counted.”

But what about candidate Amanda Hinkelstein’s policy positions?

“No idea about that stuff,” Giles said. “But I know she’s the right person for the job. If there had only been nineteen signs, I don’t know. I probably would still be stuck in the voting booth, undecided. But they put out twenty, and that sealed the deal.”