Ultra-Famous Super-Wealthy Media Personality Whines Endlessly About the Media

News commentator Bradley B. Wainwright spent his entire four-hour program complaining about the news media — of which he is a prominent member.

“The media just doesn’t get it,” said Wainwright, who is the signature face of an international news network. “They’ve never gotten it. They’re out of touch.”

Wainwright spoke from his 20,000 square foot studio. The state-of-the-art facility was built exclusively for him by his major broadcast employer. It sits on the grounds of his enormous ranch in rural Arizona.

The household name used his show, “The Wainwright Way,” to condemn journalists and the news business. He followed that by raving about the same subject on his three-hour podcast. The podcast is a new venture. His network’s parent company supported the new direction with a six-figure ad-buy on social media.

Wainwright followed that up with several phone interviews about his upcoming book. ‘They Don’t Get It: Why Jerks in the Media Think They’re Better Than You.” Advanced bulk-buying has already catapulted the book to a number-one best seller.

In a nearby airport, Wainwright’s show was playing repeat on the televisions in all waiting areas.

When a random passenger was asked about the show, he said this:

“All he does is cry about the media. I asked one of the flight desk people to change the channel.”

And they didn’t?

“No. They did. Problem is, this same guy is on every one.”