THINKING FREELY! Self-Described Skeptic Believes Entire Anonymous Post That Reads like a Psychotic Episode

“Do your own research! Think for yourself! Don’t be a sheep!”

Those reminders are scrawled on the walls where Josh (real name withheld) sits at his computer. He’s there 18 hours a day, reading and posting on anonymous online forums.

“It’s my way of standing up for freedom. The overlords are telling us that we should wash our hands and wear a mask to prevent the spread of disease. Please!” Josh scoffs.

“Why should I believe them when user SecretFace666 just posted a 5,000-word epic reveal about how face masks are actually made from reconstituted dinosaur cartilage that was kept in a vault underneath the Vatican? They transferred it by black helicopter to a secret lab in Russia where it was treated with a mind-altering substance called KM54. That would be bad enough, but when they were designing KM54, they kidnapped 800 kids from American schools and performed experiments on them.”

“That’s why I don’t wear a mask. They won’t control me. I don’t believe a word the mainstream media tells us. We have to be skeptical.”

But isn’t is the poster reliable? Who is SecretFace666? Do they have any credentials? What is their evidence?

Josh is ready with an answer: “He has to be anonymous to protect his identity. Or else he’d get disappeared.”

Josh continued speaking, his voice rising from a whisper to a yell. “That’s why what I do is so important. We have spread the word about what’s really going on. Refuse to give in! I will not be a pawn! Resist!”

“Josh? Did you take out the trash yet?” his mother yelled from another room.

“I will later!” he yelled back.

He turned back to his computer, mumbling to himself.

“See? The battle against tyranny never ends.”