HIDING IN PLAIN ‘SITE’! Meaning of Life Found Within Unknown Website’s Terms & Conditions

The radical transformation of Daniel Pintosh began with a silly wager.

“We were joking around,” said his colleagues at Diversified Marketing. “We made a bet that none of us could read through a website’s Terms and Conditions.”

“It was an honor system contest, good for a laugh,” another said. “The game was, pick any website. Then read the entire Terms & Conditions, including the privacy policy. Word for word.”

“Dan was always competitive. He was the last to leave the office that night. He said, ‘I am going to do it.’”

The next morning, Pintosh’s co-workers found him still in the office. He was barefoot and wearing a black robe.

“He looked like a monk,” his co-workers said. “He did that ‘Namaste’ thing, bowing with his hands pressed together. Then he said, ‘I found the secrets to life. If you only knew.’ And he was beaming. You could tell he really meant it.”

Others in his department agreed. “The peace was just radiating off him. I started to cry. I mean, there are things I want in life, but the internal, indestructible joy he had. That’s everything. He had it. You could feel it.”

When asked which website’s Terms and Conditions had transformed him, Pintosh was vague.

“We are each on our own journey,” he said. “When you find the way, you will know.” Pintosh smiled serenely then left the office. Those were his final words.

His manager was also perplexed. “I thought it was a joke. But then the police showed up. His family doesn’t know where he is.”

“We checked his browser history, but it’s blank. Gone. What secret did he find? What did he learn? What site did he visit?”

“It makes sense,” his manager said. “The secret to life remains a mystery because it’s hiding where no one ever looks. It’s buried among the gibberish of some website’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.”