IMAGINE-NATION! Imaginary Well-Regulated Militia Defends Homeland Against Imaginary Invading Caravan

Somewhere in the minds of pretend patriots, a fantasy battle is taking place.

On one side is the imaginary well-regulated militia. This civilian fighting force is ready to mobilize in times of the USA’s greatest need. All citizens who own firearms are militia members, as stated in the second amendment.

In reality, this force does not exist, is not regulated by anyone, and any clown can own a gun. In the world of fantasy, this imaginary disciplined militia is ready for action.

Facing the fake militia in this made-up battle is a non-existent invading caravan rushing the USA’s southern border.

This illusive horde originated somewhere in Central America. Its members are an unlikely combination of Mexican gangs, Islamic terrorists, and Black Lives Matter activists. Other personnel include anyone else the imaginary militia hate-fears, regardless of geopolitical improbability.

This mythical caravan progresses like a slasher in a bad horror movie. It moves slowly, then suddenly appears near. Its location varies, depending on which imaginary militia member you ask. Some say it’s been heading north for years, others say it’s already at the USA’s border.

In reality, immigrants are the usual blend of the desperate and the hopeful, the good and evil. They are running from violence or searching for opportunity. Most are some combination of all that.

But in the imaginations of the fictional well-regulated militia, the pretend caravan is an army of murderous goons. And right now in this world of make-believe, the two fictitious sides are lining up for imaginary battle.

The fantasy militia has been mobilized by its non-existent regulating body. Pretend patriots from all fifty states have tearfully kissed their loved ones before rushing to the southern border.

Across the invisible line dividing the USA and Mexico, the mythical horde charges. The terror-beasts of these illusive invaders are praying to a non-Christian demon-god. Their mythical goal is singular: the destruction of the USA and genocidal decimation of her populace.

Please note that none of this is real… except for the strong belief that it is.

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