TAKING LIBERTIES! Anti-Masker Asserts Safety is a Personal Duty while Pedestrian He Struck Bounces Over His Car

Aggressive anti-mask vigilante James Maltby drove through a red light, striking a pedestrian crossing the street. The human being crumpling against his bumper surprised but didn’t faze him.

In fact, Maltby began a lecture, launching into his philosophy on personal responsibility.

“See that?” he said, pounding the steering wheel with both palms. “See what you did?” he yelled as the body rolled up his car’s hood.

“This is exactly the problem with our society,” he explained. “People like you! Sure, you waited for the ‘Ok to walk’ symbol before you entered the intersection. And yes, I know I blasted right through that red light at top speed. But the fact remains, your safety is your responsibility, not mine.”

The pedestrian had no response, as she was concussed.

“See?” Maltby said confidently. “You have no counter-argument.”

The struck victim’s skull sustained further damage as it bounced off the windshield. A spider-web fracture appeared in the glass at the point of impact.

Maltby continued.

“Some say we live in a society and should expect some inconveniences. That way we accommodate all. They say my freedom ends when it impacts your freedom. I call bullshit on that. Your rights should not intrude on my freedom to live as I choose. If they do, then I’m not free, am I?”

The unconscious pedestrian did not counter this argument. Two of her ribs broke inside her chest and her limp body bounced on the car’s roof.

Maltby further elaborated on his views regarding the balance between freedom and societal needs.

“It’s like this whole mask thing. They say we should wear it to protect others during a pandemic. If everyone just follows the rules, we’ll all be fine. Wrong! We might be healthy, but we’ll be giving up our freedom. And really, what’s more important? Do we need laws? Of course, we do, but–”

The unconscious pedestrian never did find out what Maltby’s next thoughts were. As her body landed on the pavement and rolled clear of the intersection, a much larger SUV struck Maltby’s vehicle.

The enormous truck T-boned Maltby’s sedan, striking the driver’s side door. Maltby was not wearing his seat belt, which he would have explained was another expression of his views on freedom, were he not hurled across the car’s interior. His body crumpled against the passenger side, where he suffered a broken back and broken neck.

The driver of the SUV stomped on the brakes and scanned the scene. He noted the severely injured pedestrian at the curb. He saw the internally bleeding Maltby in his car.

“Oh my God!” the SUV driver screamed. “You went through the stop sign! I had right of way. I’ll call an ambulance!”

“No…” gasped Maltby.

“No? But you’re dying!”

“And I would do it again,” he gasped, gurgling blood. “For freedom.”

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