So Long And Thanks!

December 28th, 2011

This blog, ROFL: Random Outbursts From Lar! is now concluded. I want to free up time to focus on other projects and studies and this blog just didn’t make the cut.

First, let me thank you more than I can express. We only have so much time in our lives and whenever someone takes just a few invaluable, irreplaceable moments to read what I’ve written, I am honored. I take that trust seriously and have striven to make it time well-spent. So, a big thank you to you for reading.

As of late, through my writings and my internal voice, I feel as though I have been straying from my goal of compassion. I feel the pull to become more partisan. Assumptions and talking points are creeping in on the edges and it’s clouding my thoughts. I still think politics is important, but I need to take a break and recalibrate how it fits into my life. Of course, I have to answer the same question for writing and blogging: How will they all fit into my life, if at all?

Some transitions we are dragged into complaining and resisting. I’ve had my share of those. In 2011, I had my fill of them. I have to say, however, 2012 is looking up.

Being free from the obligations of this blog is a concept I’m very excited about. I think the last time I made a decision and felt the wonder of so many possibilities was when I quit college, and while this doesn’t match that in terms of pure ecstasy, it feels right.

The domain will still be active and probably host another, much more looser blog (in form and content.) ROFL blog will stay up for now, so feel free to explore.

Again, thank you so much for your time and kind words these past five years. May you be as blessed as I have been.


Larry Nocella

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