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A Novel with a Spotify Music Playlist

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The fact that I’m socially inept didn’t just doom my film career, it also tanked my music career. That said, I love music, and perhaps it’s a function of being among the generation that grew up with MTV, or perhaps it’s just the writer in me, but when I hear music, I see pictures in my mind. Those pictures lead to stories, but rarely so directly as at the birth of Loser’s Memorial. The specific song was Rooster by Alice in Chains. I love slow-moving metal, and the song was great by itself.

The lyrics (as I hear them) speak about a soldier in Vietnam, who despite his awkward outside appearance, still survives. That’s how Loser’s Memorial began, set during the Vietnam war, but then I thought the Vietnam war has already spawned many great works about the injustice of war as it manifested in the 1960s and 70s. It was better to update the setting and take it to the modern day Vietnam, meaning, Iraq.

The music is during the brainstorming phase. When I’m deep into writing and editing, I have to go with classical or ambient, because otherwise I start typing the lyrics. That’s the hardest part of writing for me, not being able to listen to what I want when I have free time. That’s the sacrifice, what I give up to make my writing tight.

In fact, Loser’s Memorial may be the first novel that also has a Spotify playlist with music that inspires it. If you have Spotify (and if you enjoy music at all, you should. It’s free!) here is the link to enjoy the tunes that helped build the novel. Music that inspired the novel Loser’s Memorial.

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