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How To Get The Novel Loser’s Memorial

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A spiritual descendant of classics Apocalypse Now and Johnny Got His Gun, Loser’s Memorial updates the anti-war novel for a new generation.

Two young men from different countries are driven to madness as they are dragged into the global war on terrorism. Through alternating perspectives across several years, Loser’s Memorial takes you on a journey into the disturbing and surreal world of war without end, war without purpose, war for profit alone. Told with a masterful blend of intensity and humanity, Loser’s Memorial is of that special breed of novel that spares no one from its skepticism, yet still remains entertaining and thrilling to the very last word and beyond.

Get your copy for FREE or at a discount using one of the methods below.

Paperback: Amazon | CreateSpace (use code HK2TNMJL for 5% off at CreateSpace ONLY.)

Kindle eBook: Amazon. You don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle eBooks! Just get the app!

Borrow the Kindle eBook for Free (sort of)
1. You must be a member of Amazon Prime and own a Kindle
2. Borrow the eBook as part of your one free monthly book from the Kindle Owners Lending Library

As Paid Audiobook: iTunes | Amazon | Audible

As Free Audiobook
1. Sign up for a new, free Audible.com account (comes with one free audio book!) here: LINK.
2. Use that one freebie to buy the novel Loser’s Memorial as an Audiobook here: LINK.

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