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Book Review: Your Country Is Just Not That Into You

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I jumped at the chance to read this book because I’m a huge fan of Jimmy Dore’s comedy. I first encountered him while watching The Young Turks online news show and though I like all the hosts, Jimmy is in the top tier. For those unfamiliar with him, I’d describe him as The Daily Show’s more opinionated, foul-mouthed cousin.

I’m always impressed how he can discuss super-serious issues while still being funny. It’s hard to be righteous and avoid being a douche, but somehow Jimmy does it. He’s always on the side of compassion and the little guy. He hates bullies, too. Obviously it helps me enjoy his jokes based on the fact that I agree with him 99% of the time.

That near full agreement may be why this book wasn’t as thrilling for me as I had hoped, simply because having enjoyed his podcast and Young Turks appearances, I always knew what angle he was going to take. He still managed to turn a phrase or insult a powerful scumbag so artistically that I did literally laugh out loud a few times.

I wonder if someone who doesn’t agree with Jimmy Dore’s political views would enjoy this. It’s hard for me to imagine that someone wouldn’t agree with him at least morally, because his stances often to me seem to be just common sense. Then again, doesn’t everyone think that?

There’s a routine he does on his podcast where a celebrity or politician (not the real person, but an impersonator) will call in and Jimmy will lampoon that person’s views simply by asking them questions. It’s a great bit, repeated in the the book that works much better live than in print.

Jimmy does hit out at Republicans and also Democrats, but the chapter on Republicans is nearly twice the size, which makes sense, because while Democrats suck, Republicans suck worse.

I wonder about this book’s broad appeal, but I hope it does well because Jimmy’s views and his comedy deserve to be heard more.

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