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Been writing since I was born. Mostly fiction. Mostly novels.

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Four Weird Tales of Horror

A group of campers goes missing, a girl communicates with the dead. At the end of the world, one trait is most valuable, and a conspiracy that stretches back ages. Four disturbing, mysterious stories!

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Razor Wire Karma

A triple-murderer serving a life sentence learns he may have supernatural powers for delivering justice.

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The Katrina Contract

A private military contractor is recruited to rescue a wealthy hostage – and no one else – from a hijacked cruise ship.

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The Katrina Contract Audiobook

Where Did This Come From?

An indigenious tribe fights for survival when a rare and valuable mineral is found on their land.

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Where Did This Come From? Audiobook

Loser’s Memorial

Two young men, victimized by the War on Terror in different ways, are set on a collision course.

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Loser’s Memorial Audiobook

It Never Goes Away

The Pacific Garbage Patch makes landfall and causes a major humanitarian disaster. Includes essay on the story’s inspiration.

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Alexa Skills

Using Javascript coding, develop skills for Amazon’s Alexa Voice Platform.

Daily Space Picture

Every day get a new picture from NASA’s Astronomy Photo of the Day! Explore our universe with your Alexa device!

Daily Space Picture

Escape the Maze!

No two games the same! A random maze generated – and you must escape in the fewest moves. Mazes as large as 99 by 99 square.

Enable Escape the Maze on Amazon

Best Picture Oscars: The Last 30 Years

Can you name what movie won the Best Picture Oscar for the last 30 years? A great party trivia game for movie-night or Oscars watching parties! 

Enable Best Picture Oscars on Amazon

Ultimate Oscars Movie Trivia

The Ultimate movie trivia game. Can you name what movie won best picture, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress? Can you name them for every year going back to the start of the academy awards?  Over 400 questions!

Enable Ultimate Oscars Movie Trivia on Amazon

Random Sports Quote

Let Alexa inspire you with a quick burst of inspiration! Nearly 100 quotes from sports legends to fuel your day. 

Enable Random Sports Quotes on Amazon

Back Then

You provide Alexa a number, she’ll tell you what happened that year.

Stoic Sense

Alexa will provide you a random quote from the stoic philosophy

Superbowl Champions Trivia Unofficial

Can you name the team that won the Superbowl in a random year?

Baseball World Series Champions Trivia Unofficial

Can you name the team that won the World Series in a random year?

Sixty Second science

Flash Briefing of Scientific American’s 60 second science podcast.

Facebook Games

Develop Facebook Games Using the Construct 3 engine by Scirra.

Sheep Shifter

The sheep need to get to the apple while avoiding the hazards of trolls and bombs. Fortunately, friends Lion, Hippo, Wombat, and Elephant are there to help. Forty challenging levels! 

Play SheepShifter on Facebook

President Man-Baby

President Man-Baby needs your help fighting facts, kissing Soviet oligarchs & grabbing cash! If he gets exposed to too many facts, he soils his diapers and throws a widdle tantwum!

Play President Man-Baby! on Facebook

Word Whirlwind

How many words can you create before the walls close? The longer the words, the more points, and the more bonuses. But be careful, the walls are closing faster!

Play Word Whirlwind on Facebook

Grid Solitaire

A new take on solitaire. Place cards in a grid matching suit and face value for extra points. Fill the grid for a huge bonus. Faster progress means more points, too!

Play Grid Solitaire on Facebook

Tap Cat!

Help the cat dodge the basketballs. You can deploy barriers when you need to. Addictive and fun simple arcade action!

Play Tap Cat! on Facebook

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